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Top 10 Connected Car Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

In terms of revenue, the global automotive connected car platform market will reach USD 8.47 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of almost 11%. The connected car technology is a vital development in the automotive industry, and the rising demand for connectivity solutions is allowing the connected car adoption to increase significantly compared to the growth of the passenger car segment. For instance, the connected car market is expected to grow about 10 times faster in terms of CAGR than the overall passenger car market during the forecast period.

The global automotive connected car platform market has the presence of many vendors, and the market is witnessing the introduction of new players, owing to the rising demand for connected car technologies across the world. Hence, the competition among the players is expected to intensify further during the forecast period.Connected car tech has been growing within the automotive industry for the past two decades. Today, telematics and infotainment have become commonplace in connected car tech.

There are numerous connected car solution providers in the market today and businesses find it difficult to choose the appropriate one who can guide them in building long-lasting customer relationships. To help leaders navigate through the list of connected car solutionproviders, our panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Autotech Outlook has narrowed down the top companies in this landscape who exhibit competence in delivering robust innovations. We present to you Autotech Outlook’s "Top 10 Connected Car Solution Providers in Europe – 2021

    Top Connected Car Solution Companies in Europe

  • Airbiquity's latest offering—OTAmatic®—securely orchestrates and automates the increasingly complex task of planning and executing multi-ECU OTA software updates and data management. The solution enables Over-the-Air Orchestration with policy-driven dependency, rollback and recovery. It also offers dynamic data collection and upgradable analytics. One of the predominant features that OTAmatic brings about is end-to-end security with standards-based certification, authentication and encryption

  • BearingPoint leverages deep industry and functional expertise to offer tailored solutions for complex business environments. BearingPoint's supply chain cockpit LOG360 is a planning application utilized to oversee the entire logistics chain and includes the areas of production, demand, distribution, and transport. BearingPoint's LOG360 helps easily overcome the challenges along the supply chain such as high complexity and effort in handling

  • CloudMade is an intelligent mobility solution used by car makers to transform their car and mobility user experiences, making them simpler, safer and more profitable. The team at CloudMade is pivotal to their leading position in the space of automotive learning software. They are backed by industry veterans, automotive-dedicated designers, engineers, product and project managers and a top-notch sales and support team, enabling them to accomplish their projects

  • A Norway-based firm, Move About, is bridging the technology gap that exists in the European transportation landscape by dramatically facilitating the transition for its clients from fossil cars to truly sustainable transportation in shared EVs. The firm offers an eMobility services platform that makes work-related transportation convenient, cost-effective, and greener. Move About’s eMobility services platform is built on a fleet of shared EVs complemented by shared electric bikes, taxis, and rental cars. Its multi-channel architecture enables users to plan their trips via the app they prefer; employees can use Move About’s app that is tailored for an efficient booking, usage, and payment of corporate trips as well as private ones—all in the same car

  • One of the leading companies for the development of hardware and software solutions for V2X communication with years of experience obtained in multiple V2X projects. NORDSYS is backed by a multifaceted team comprising competent specialists experienced in creative customer projects across the world. The individual forte of the employees makes the team capable of creating futuristic projects a success. NORDSYS' prolific expertise has paved the ways for companies to leverage the technologies of tomorrow for smarter and better-connected automotives

  • b-plus


    The b-plus Group is an international leading development partner for advancing technologies in the fields of autonomous driving, driver assistance systems and the automation of mobile machines. With its development tools, automotive software and mobile automation divisions, it offers its customers a wide range of measurement technology, software and hardware. As a long-term partner, b-plus accompanies its customers from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the development solution and beyond. The teams at the Deggendorf, Regensburg and Lindau locations work hand in hand to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions

  • Carly Connected Car

    Carly Connected Car

    Carly's technology is changing the automotive world. With its products Carly offers car owners the world’s best solutions to gain more control and transparency over their cars. Carly is a cartech company that connects car fans with the information hidden inside their cars. The company provides simple solutions throughout the lifecycle of car ownership, focusing on car health and maintenance, car purchase and customization, while delivering peace of mind and empowering its clients save time and money

  • GlobalLogic


    GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines chip-to-cloud software engineering expertise and vertical industry experience to help its customers design, build, and deliver their next generation products and digital experiences. The company expertly integrate design, complex engineering, and agile delivery capabilities to produce superior business outcomes for global brands. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic operates design studios and engineering centers around the world, extending the benefits of our true global presence to customers in the telecom, automotive, healthcare, technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries


    Munic is the first open car-to-cloud technology that offers readily available access to vehicle diagnostics and car computer's network. allows NOW the deployment of the widest range of services including vehicle diagnostics, ecodriving, UBI, anti theft, crash detection

  • Uboro


    Uboro offers a telematics platform with location and condition data analytics, machine learning, and daily basis payments for actively-tracked objects only

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